Optimizing the World's Hydromet Facilities

Our Mission

NOVA Hydromet is a joint venture focused on creating an efficient and sustainable global metal extraction industry. We provide science-based guidance and technology to optimize the world’s hydrometallurgical facilities.

A Holistic Approach to Autoclave Systems

Inherently complex autoclave systems need holistic science-based solutions to help increase yield, reduce downtime, and decrease costs from failed equipment.
Hydrometallurgy - Autoclave & Flashtank
NOVA Hydromet—Technical Consulting and Modelling​

Technical Consulting and Modelling

The severe service nature of hydrometallurgy process conditions and the high value of target metals creates a condition where failures are both common and costly. 

NOVA’s approach is to help your team bridge scientific disciplines by utilizing mathematical modelling, controls programming, and trim sizing techniques to find lasting solutions to autoclave production problems.

Common problems NOVA’s technical staff can help resolve:

  • broken valve trim
  • erosion
  • scale build-up
  • low ore yield
  • unexpected shut-downs 

Core sciences include:

  • control theory
  • multi-phase fluid flow theory
  • thermodynamics
NOVA Hydromet—Equipment Repair and Servicing​​

Equipment Repair and Servicing​

NOVA focuses on solving the root problem behind equipment failures, as well as providing superior equipment servicing and replacement parts. 

While autoclave issues can manifest as costly broken equipment, greater losses often come from unscheduled shutdowns, below-nameplate throughput, or incomplete ore reaction. The causes of these issues are often complex, originating from multiple sources. 

The disciplines we use to solve equipment problems include: 

  • ceramic fracture mechanics
  • erosion testing
  • data analytics

In partnership with your site, NOVA will analyze broken equipment and provide application-specific replacements, as well as gathering and analyzing operating data to determine what deeper problems may exist and how production can be increased.

NOVA—Equipment Repair and Servicing

Equipment Enhancement and Sales

NOVA’s technical consultants can help you determine which equipment best fits the needs of your site.

Specific to the autoclave mining industry, NOVA has developed its own forged-body Letdown and Vent Angle control valves which are custom-made for each application.

Our staff will size both the valve and trim using state-of-the-art techniques to optimize your slurry flow and prevent wear events such as particle crushing.

NOVA Hydromet supplies a range of top-of-the-line equipment, including:

  • Letdown Control and Vent Angle Control Valves
  • Metal Seated Ball Valves (MSBVs)
  • Severe Service Knife Gate Valves (SSKGVs)
  • Engineered Check Valves
  • Fit-For-Purpose Control Valves

NOVA supplies an ecosystem of severe service equipment products to support autoclave operations. 

Pair our equipment, software, and consulting services together for an optimized autoclave system. For example, we can provide direction on how operating regimens that will extend equipment life without limiting throughput.